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"Truly a one of a kind soul."

"Rebecca has been mentoring me in all facets of Mediumship for 5 months now and the whole experience has been one of total enjoyment and enlightenment. Of course there have been challenges which always exist when learning a new craft but I am overcoming those challenges under her nurturing guidance.

Rebecca is an amazing mentor who demonstrates a vast array of knowledge covering various topics and of course when it comes to mediumship she is up there with the best of them, in my view. Rebecca has an incredibly caring nature and is an extremely encouraging mentor, she has an abundance of warmth and sensitivity and I would highly recommend anyone to attend her workshops or have a personal reading with her."


Julie Bottoa

Talking About

"Rebecca is truly one of the best spiritual visionaries you will find.

Since connecting with her I've been guided and inspired to craft the life I love living. On 12th January I wrote about my dream life. On 12th July, exactly 6 months later and 2 years ahead of schedule, I woke up in a multi-million dollar property with the love of my life surrounded by forest, native wildlife and the smell of freshly brewing coffee drifting through the air. It was exactly as I'd written! 


I can personally recommend her Life Crafting program for extraordinary results."  


 Sergio Figueroa

"Rebecca I honour who you are. We are partners in bringing forth the New Earth.
Thank you for the amazing love you bring to the planet."
Jeff Slayter

"Rebecca's unique ability to blend both the practical and mystical aspects of life is unlike any I've seen!


Through her endless support and guidance, I have discovered the freedom and confidence to live the life of my dreams. I now offer programs around the world, and spend my days doing what I love as a meditator, healer

and transformational teacher.


I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me!"


Andre Michel

The Art of Touch

"Rebecca helped me find my heart, my voice, and the inspiration to package my unique skills into a business which allows me to travel and work from anywhere in the world while enjoying my hobbies (kickboxing in Thailand, creating makeup tutorials, lying on the beach...)


I now work as an Adaptable Assistant, doing what I love creatively, and have the luxury of working my own 'super casual' hours! I've loved helping Rebecca brand her business, produce her media and take care of the nitty gritty so she can focus on doing what she does best."

Jess Figueroa


"Rebecca brought her bottomless depth of wisdom to our group augmented with her wonderful connection to spirit.


Her presentations are imbued with warmth and mindfulness of the needs of the group and individuals within it. She speaks freely on a range of key topics, attracts public interest in spirituality and offers a range of follow on services to meet the interests and needs of attendees. I highly recommend attending any of the workshops, lectures that she offers and well as her one to one services."


Rojer Richards

"A true master of your craft."

"My husband and I went to see Rebecca, in late Jan. I’d seen a few clairvoyants before, but none of the previous readings were that accurate, and my husband was a little sceptical given it was his first time. From the moment Rebecca opened the door for us, I felt completely at ease. I’ve never met such a beautiful soul, and one that is so genuine and reassuring. Our reading was amazing, and blew both my husband and I away, everything Rebecca mentioned to us, has over the past few months come to fruition, and one of the biggest and significant ones for me, was our pregnancy – even down to dates! Amazing!

I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone that is thinking about getting a reading, and can also vouch for many others, as I have recommended other family members and friends and they have all been blown away and very happy with their readings also! Thanks again Rebecca, a truly amazing experience that we won’t forget!"

Alison Williams

"I first met Rebecca when I was referred to her by a girlfriend of mine. I had been for readings elsewhere before that were not very accurate so initially I was skeptical but went along for fun. The next two hours were phenomenal!


From the moment we arrived Rebecca was able to tune into my past, my present and my future and share details of my life with such accuracy I was amazed! Rebecca then continued by communicating with loved ones who have passed, again describing them in perfect detail and offering any messages they wanted to send. The session was exhilarating and I was left with tingles." 

Fe Balthasar

​"Rebecca is one of the most gifted and intuitive mediums you could wish to learn from.​
I highly recommend her to anyone on the path of self spiritual awakening."

Derek Erskine

"Sincere thanks for the stellar reading you provided me. It was an absolute pleasure meeting with you.
You are such an upstanding person who genuinely cares about the work you do. You are a true master of your craft."

Andrea Thomas

"Rebecca is wonderful at receiving messages from the 'other side' ... and just as importantly she has a beautiful way to express these messages - her articulation is clear and precise, her manner is gentle and filled with love. Her ability to see many facets that make up me, in all its complexities was quite amazing, really seeing the depth of my soul - understanding all that I have been working through in my life. In that one session!

I was happy and relieved also that she understood that I am the alchemist of my own life and that some issues were not appropriate to be discussed. This was very honest, and I felt respected and supported actually that I have the tools to create and work through this... in my own time.

Rebecca's intuition and mediumship is authentic and well grounded.

She is lovingly committed to helping people to connect and share in this amazing tapestry of life." 

Melissa Hutchison

"Rebecca was truly amazing. I have never met anyone like her or had a reading like the one she gave me. Truly breath-taking. Thank you so much."

Elise Warters

"I had an extended reading with Bec last night and can feel a new enthusiasm and excitement about moving forward in my life now. I went in being open to what I needed to know now and it was a fantastic experience. There was confirmation around thoughts I’d been having as well as comforting messages for people I love who are living and have passed. Bec was so easy to talk to and was very accurate with details.


I feel recharged and happy as I make some changes now to open up my life and start living it with more passion! Thank you Bec, highly recommend you. And everyone that the reading will be at the right time!"

Vanessa Welham


"Rebecca is an earth angel. Her presence and aura is calming and soothing and you instantly feel like you are right where you're meant to be. I went in not knowing what to expect, and I was completely blown away. I have seen a few mediums/psychics in the last couple of years and I can not even compare Rebecca's to the rest.

She knew exactly what I was there for, she knew about all aspects of my life and family, I hardly had to say or ask a word. I felt reassured and confident with my reading. She has a natural gift and if your experience is anything like mine, you will be forever grateful."

Aliz Toth

"I was at a point in my life where I felt I was drifting along in no-where land, off track and somewhat disconnected. Friends told me about this amazing clairvoyant, Rebecca, so I booked in to meet with her, seeking some insight into possibilities of what my future might hold. Rebecca not only talked about my past, present and future, she also connected me to family and friends who had passed away, which I hadn't expected. In such a warm and gentle way, the spirit communications that came through Rebecca were very touching and tender, as well as humorous and very positive. The proof of who was communicating to me was absolutely amazing and undeniable.

I left our meeting astonished and in awe of Rebecca's talents, also feeling much loved, with a greater sense of self and of belonging. Thank you so much, lovely Rebecca, how truly amazing you are."

Marie Celeste

"Seriously this amazing lady is the bees knees! Its been a few days since I've seen Rebecca and boy have my eyes been opened!!! Being young and looking for some guidance, I went to Rebecca feeling very nervous but open minded. She was super calming and did her job with an utmost degree of integrity, skill and passion.


The price was worth every cent, and I would have paid ten fold knowing now what I know. She even stayed an extra 30 mins with me, which shows she loves her job and does it to help people feel better about whatever they are worried/curious about. We laughed, cried and at times were serious, but my questions have been answered and all I have to say is one word... THANKYOUUUU!!!"

Jamie Pilafas

"Truly a one of a kind soul!

I have been fortunate enough to have known Bec for 4 years. As well as amazing psychic insights, Bec uses her exceptional knowledge in psychology and philosophy in our sessions. I feel truly empowered and guided during and after. I admire your optimism and integrity Bec, I am proud of my journey and you have always been a huge influence along the way."


Charlotte Lord

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