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Self Mastery Session 2 - Rework

Session 2 Task

Breath Work

Your task until your next session is 5 minutes of mindful inspiration and expiration twice per day - morning and evening, as close to sunrise and sunset as possible.

The focus of the inhalation is the drawing forth of all vital lives and life force elements to purify, energise and invigorate the bodies of manifestation - physically, emotionally, mentally, causally and etherically. The focus of the exhalation is on expelling the gross, impure energies from the bodies and allowing them to be absorbed and transmuted by nature.


Your task until your next session is 10 minutes of meditation twice per day morning and evening. The focal point of this meditation is on the sensation of the breath around the upper lip and nostrils, and now also includes any sensations experienced over the face. Sensations can be experienced as heat, cold, tingling, numbness, burning, itching, stabbing, pulsating, etc. Your work is to simply observe sensations, and watch them arise and pass away.

Well done!

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