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Psychospiritual Transformation: The New Path To Enlightenment?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

In this article I wanted to go into more detail about my passion for blending psychology and spirituality as a conscious process for managing and mastering self-limitation. After years spent trying to effectively synthesise two seemingly divergent (but undeniably related) aspects of self-experience, I set about cultivating a program to give seekers of transformation real tools for mastery.

The word Psychospiritual reflects the idea of merging psychological awareness with spiritual process. From my point of view, it is a synthesis which exponentially accelerates transformation because it attends to aspects of the psyche which are notorious for tripping us up in our pursuit of spiritual ideals (we all know people who have fallen into a crisis of identity through newfound spiritual fads, or healers, influencers and gurus who should probably work on their own 'stuff' before being let loose on others).

The influences in my own life have lead to a passion for coaching others in a way that incorporates regard for both the exoteric and esoteric experience of life and self. As such, I define Psychospiritual Transformation as the powerful combination of mental fitness, emotional mastery, psychic development and mystical, transcendent experience which cultivates consciousness, or energy, mastery. Technically speaking, this process can take us from the brink of despair all the way to enlightenment and beyond.

The difficulty with merging empirical and metaphysical science is that often one lacks credibility in favour of the other. A testable hypothesis versus subjective truth. Verifiable experience versus theory, the tangible versus the intangible. Take 'faith' for instance... I've debated many university lecturers on the general academic disdain for 'pseudoscience', but having studied Western philosophy and psychology alongside Eastern mysticism, modern Spiritualism and broad esoteric science, I firmly believe both are valid and useful (I also have too much respect for 'divine revelation' to manifest at every level to discount anything).

The recent rise of third wave psychological therapies such as mindfulness is both encouraging and inevitable, and speaks of our need to incorporate new (and old) understandings into existing frameworks for healing and transformation. I also think advancements in modern psychology have greatly improved our ability to perceive and process transcendent experience in healthy, sane ways. For those of us who are spiritually oriented and live to help and serve others, I believe this is vital. Developing a perspective which grounds us in productive service and application is, for me, true 21st century spirituality.

Not only is my process deeply esoteric by aiming to transmute suffering into transcendent awareness and liberate consciousness, it is also the only system of this kind which deals with elemental transformation (alchemy) to achieve that goal. This causes integrated and lasting change as experienced energies are replaced and refined (think of turning lead into gold).

At first, improvements are experienced in relationships with self, others and the world at large, followed by an increased sense of balance, universal wonder and wellbeing. Personality aspects (mental, emotional and physical) become more integrated with the soul and spirit nature (the divine), and life goals are reconfigured in line with the pre-conditions and potential set by causal and cosmic agents (the topic of another article). Finally, the vision and will is refined to be receptive and responsive to intuitive causal guidance, and inspired +/- flow is established.

The (human) goal of Psychospiritual Transformation is to achieve optimal insight, integration and life balance in arenas such as health, career, relationships and successful endeavours, then sustained via the soul directives and intrapersonal wisdom accessible to all. Beyond that, superhuman potential awaits as barriers and resistances are transformed through active and wilful observation and deep psychic conversion. The process of alchemy successfully increases capacity, thereby catalysing evoked potential. There's no limit, other than what we aren't prepared to master and transform.

So if you've searched for meaningful advancement beyond the plethora of transformational promises and need to take the plunge and dive into your own ocean of possibility, I invite you to realise your phenomenal existence - who you are, and who you can become. More than 30 years after embarking on my own journey, I still seek intense learning through direct experience. Psychospiritual Transformation sessions can offer you that, and until modern science catches up and converges with ancient esoteric practices in a sacred union for the ages, I will passionately be bridging that gap.

More on this topic will be available in my upcoming book:

Modern Alchemy: Psychospiritual Transformation and Self-Initiated Awakening.


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