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Navigating The 2020 Crisis

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Today I woke deeply attuned to humanity and to our individual, collective and cosmic journey at this time of unprecedented global disruption and reformation. For a complex of reasons, it appears we are all being swept up in a crisis of mammoth proportions - the threat of death and disease, economic collapse, restrictions on personal freedoms and months, if not years, of isolation, uncertainty and changed living conditions.

I wanted to write my take to help others see this from a vaster perspective, to regain a sense of control and personal responsibility over elements of crisis that are always within our reach, and put that which is out of our immediate control into a context that brings new meaning. This is a lot to take in, so I have tried to keep it simple. For over 30 years I have sought to understand how Life co-ordinates and manifests Itself through the spectrum of 'reality' from magnificent to catastrophic and back to catastrophically magnificent without skipping a beat; neither preferring, or shielding us from, one state over another. What I have come to believe is that the living energies involved in creating, manifesting and destroying life in all its forms have their origins in higher, more subtle planes; and are recruited in varying potencies according to the Plan, or Will, of increasingly higher order intelligences. Some call these Universe, some God, others Logos, etc. For simplicity, I'll refer to these particular higher order intelligences as Cosmos.

To begin to get a handle on the current crisis, there are a number of factors to understand, and all coalesce to form the reason. What has always helped me ride Life's waves and tsunamis is to take a top down approach to deciphering experience in all its varied manifestations, from cause to effect. As an esotericist, I look for meaning by design, and do my best to assess phenomena psychospiritually, which incorporates the tangible physical, the empirical psychological, all the way up to the intangible cosmic. Here's how I would naturally assess a crisis:

First I look to the overarching cosmic plan, which - by design - always has growth and evolution (Love) as its unwavering objective. Every materialisation stepped down from Cosmos will embody this directive. Next I see how the plan is being conveyed by planetary forces and represented by symbols (such as numbers) to usher the cosmic Word (imperative) into denser mental, emotional and physical (circumstantial) experience. From there, I look to the karma - individual and collective - to make meaning of situational cause and effect, and suffering. Finally, I observe the interplay of dark and light forces to understand the inherent challenges and opportunities for transmuted correspondence in the encountered experience. Now, I'll break that down relative to the current crisis:

1. Cosmically, what we are witnessing is the push for next level reformation which will prompt the transformations required to generate individual and collective growth in line with an evolutionary agenda. Given the energetic processes employed in growth (think: life, death and regeneration), these energies can - and will - be accessed and utilised by people differently in accordance with their developing will and spiritual/material impulses. For instance, certain people (or factions) stand to grow in materialism, privilege and power through a global pandemic, whilst others may choose to divest themselves of fear and insecurity in exchange for spiritual meaning and higher aspiration. So what we have is an intelligent Plan to bring humanity - individually and collectively - to the next stage of their evolution. The need for this is too vast to go into here, but in part, should be obvious.

2. Astrologically, we have the timing of a number of significant planetary alignments including the equinox to evidence the co-ordinated effort to both influence, and signify, current events. Numerologically, the year 2020 (a symbolic representation of the current time period) is the embodiment of a theme of sustained conflict between harmony (2) and disruption (0). This theme will show up not only throughout global events, but in personal relationships with self and others; and is an example of how symbols can help us decode the cosmic plan. Based on the information provided by the planets through their language, we could expect this crisis to continue, morph, decelerate then accelerate as harmony and disruption wrestle for dominance all year; followed by the institution of laws to initiate permanent change and reformation early next year as we move to 2021.

3. How this crisis will affect individuals karmically is potentially most critical to understand. It is certainly the thing which worries people the most. Karma (Love in action) is the energetic arising of conditions which trigger an experience of our own joy or suffering; and is co-ordinated by the causal body (soul) in line with the cosmic Plan and the individual personality's 'distance' from it. Confronting our own karmic experience is necessary in order to surrender self-generated suffering in the form of thought, word and deed in exchange for grace, wisdom and compassion. In effect, we are all being served up our own karma through this (or any) crisis, and can expect to be impacted physically, financially, emotionally and mentally via the cracks in our psyche (or shadow) most resistant to growth and Love.

4. The last thing here is seeing the interplay of dark and light. The current crisis has rightly raised suspicions about controlling forces, advancing global agendas and the not-so-coincidental implementation of biologically undermining smart technologies, medical mandates and restrictions on freedom which appear to reflect the will of the few. Although these elements are surely playing out, they are also part of an increasingly more complex and sophisticated picture, and should not be the focus of outrage to undermine or hijack our sensibilities. Catalysts for purification and growth come in many forms, and people are often used as agents for dark and light forces. Difficult circumstances offer us the opportunity to transmute our own darkness into light; remember, the Plan is growth and Love.

So how can you navigate the 2020 crisis and help yourself during this time? Meditate. Contemplate the parts of yourself which need re-forming, and attend to them. Use the opportunities presented in the outside world to settle your inner battle between harmony and disruption. Recognise what you can take personal responsibility for, and what is of a higher order that is outside your control. Trust you find yourself in the midst of this by design, and the Plan is providing what you need, but not necessarily what you want in order to evolve you towards greater Love, wisdom and compassion.

See yourself - your preferences, struggles and resistances - more clearly; see how you align with fear in your clinging to security and material comforts, in family relationships, your intimate relationships, and your relationship with your own karma. Take ownership and realise Life is happening by design, not by accident. Bear your burdens willingly and don't give away your will and energy (power) to experiences of suffering, or to others. Adapt to change and accomodate the necessary growing pains and transformations which are designed to stretch you and build your capacity. You are far less likely to be pummelled by cosmic force if you do your own heavy lifting.

It is my view that this is a time in which the real crisis is one of awakening that both threatens and promises to overshadow the spread of information and disease; bringing us to more intimate communion with our spiritual truth and further along the path of liberation and wisdom than the familiar ever could. This is the gift that lies at the heart of any crisis - no matter how large or small - and to resist this offer of Love, is to suffer.

If you need help navigating fear and uncertainty or seek a deeper understanding of what this time means for you, your family or the world at large, connect with me at to see how I can help you.


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