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Are you a self-actualising truth seeker?

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self mastery program

What If I Could Show You

how everything that's ever held you back could be TRANSFORMED into fuel for growth, mastery and limitless possibility?


You know who you've been,

now discover who you can become!

You, only better.

If so, I'm here to guide you through the most profound shifts in awakening you'll ever experience. How? 


It's alchemy!

When we work together, magical things are destined to happen...

Are you ready to become a vastly expanded and enhanced version of You?

Unlocked and unlimited?

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Let's create magic!

You Know Who You've Been,
Discover Who You Can Become.

what is self mastery?

Are you a self-actualising truth seeker? Are you looking to deep dive into your psyche and push the boundaries of true energetic transformation? Have you struggled with the torment of mental or physical health problems, bad relationships or unrealised potential? If so, get ready to move beyond the limitations of your past to more complete and integrated healing and a life without suffering!

Self Mastery is a psychospiritual training program centred on the cultivation of physical balance, emotional resilience, mental fitness, psychic development and mystical, transcendent experience which can take us from the brink of despair all the way to enlightenment and beyond. Simply put, Self Mastery is self betterment at all levels of being, and transforms surviving into thriving! 

No matter where you are on your psychospiritual journey, if you're looking at Self Mastery for your psychospiritual progress, it's clear that you're serious about going all the way, being the best you can be, and opening up a new world of possibility for living. The question is what are you prepared to invest into yourself - the Self that endures when all else has come and gone? 


what's it about?

The Self Mastery Program is more than just coaching - it's practical and mystical training at the highest level and will teach you to become the alchemist of your own life. When you undertake your own personalised training, you'll be guided towards uncovering your self in a way that allows you to thrive in the world no matter where your situation takes you spiritually, mentally, emotionally or materially. Self Mastery will guide you towards rearranging, transforming and ultimately mastering the very thing that stands in the way of living your best life: YOU!


Successful Self Mastery requires conscious attention to all areas of inner perception, which includes your relationship to your physical body, your thoughts, emotions, and your causal (intuitive) and spiritual selves. Simply put, Self Mastery is dedication to self betterment at all levels of being, and transforms existing into living!


Throughout this powerful program we deep dive into the five key areas of your existence to reframe, rewrite and rework you from the roots up and transform you physically, emotionally, mentally, intuitively and spiritually. Best of all, our work will teach you to understand suffering in a whole new way, and transform it into fuel for growth, harmony and limitless possibility.

"All life is an expression of the elements. All phenomena - internal and external, micro and macro - is elemental interplay, or alchemy. The Mind has the task of creating order over the elements. We are all alchemists by nature." - Arul Jodhi Amma


"I was at a point in my life where I felt I was drifting along in no-where land, off track and somewhat disconnected.  I'm astonished and in awe of Rebecca's talents, also feeling much loved, with a greater sense of self and of belonging. Thank you so much, lovely Rebecca, how truly amazing you are." 


What will you gain?

  • A new appreciation for your body through attention to nurturing longevity and wellbeing

  • The ability to neutralise limiting emotional states and reduce attachments to suffering

  • Purification of mind, increased cognitive capacity and a will for living - not existing

  • Greatly enhanced intuitive function and the cultivation of profound inner wisdom

  • A reliance on your spiritual process as a means for tapping unlimited potential

As you rapidly transform, miraculous changes begin to occur:

  • Clarity of mind replaces anxiety, confusion and depression

  • Self respect replaces shame, guilt, and the need for drama

  • Inspired flow is established, and inner guidance becomes reliable

  • Relationships with self, others and the world at large drastically improve

  • A sense of balance, universal wonder and existential wellbeing replaces emptiness

  • The experience of both positive and negative flow is equally meaningful and advantageous


How will it help you?

The Self Mastery Program is a deeply esoteric psychospiritual training course which is the only program of its kind to offer a step by step approach to awakening through elemental transformation, or alchemy. Not only will you gain integrated and lasting change, but as past suffering is transmuted into transcendent awareness, limitations are simultaneously 

transformed into liberated consciousness (think of turning lead into gold).


Through Self Mastery you will discover how to achieve optimal insight, integration and life balance in mind, body and soul; a priceless state of living without suffering, fear or struggle. Becoming fully present to your health, career, relationships or creative endeavours will become fuel for continued success, progress and growth, and chaotic energies will be exchanged for increasing levels of consciousness and sustained through deep intrapersonal wisdom. 


The alchemy that is Self Mastery will increase your capacity and catalyse evoked potential. Through this unique process you will become increasingly receptive and responsive to intuitive causal guidance and inspired positive and negative flow. Your personality (mental, emotional and physical energies) will become more integrated with your soul and spirit nature (divine aspect), and your self experience and life goals will be radically reconfigured.


Beyond that, superhuman potential awaits as barriers and resistance to Love and wisdom are transformed through active, wilful observation and deep psychic conversion; meaning there's no limit to who you can become beyond what you're prepared to master...


"I came into this not really knowing what to expect, but I left a different person. This is exactly what I needed at the right time because I’m trying to follow and listen to my heart, and this program delivered it!”

Emile - Manager, Wyndham

"The world will be changed by the Western woman." - The Dalai Llama

Who is Self Mastery for?

  • Spiritual seekers/practitioners

  • Self actualising people of all ages

  • Curious, open-minded men and women

  • Practitioners serious about pushing the boundaries

What's included?

Self Mastery is a complete transformational program spaced over 12 months. Programs can be also tailored to a basic 3 month introductory program or and intermediate 6 month program. The overall program is a synthesis of deep psychospiritual work and highly personalised coaching and practical and spiritual training. As a VIP client you will have full-time access to me throughout your process. This program includes:

  • A personal online workbook

  • 2 x monthly online coaching / training sessions (1.5 - 2 hours each)

  • 2 x monthly check-in calls (30 - 45mins each)

  • Unlimited text/email contact for advice, guidance, feedback and support

  • Material and homework to support your process as needed

  • 1 x complimentary 3 way session with a member of my transformation team (valued at $500) to assist you with additional tools for self-realisation

  • 1 x complimentary 1.5hr Gift Card session every 3 months valued at $1400 (12 month program) for missed sessions, extra support, future check ups or gifting, valid for 6 months (or 2 per 6 month program valued at $700 and 1 per 3 month program  valued at $350)

  • 10% VIP discount on workshops, retreats, sessions, packages, programs and courses for the duration of your selected program

If you've become disillusioned with the therapeutic methods available to challenge your mind, body and soul, join me to see why Self Mastery is a program worth its weight in gold.

What's your investment?

A full and dedicated commitment to yourself, your personalised coaching a