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Are you the conscious creator of your reality?

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life crafting program

Picture your ideal dayLife flows, relationships flourish, you're manifesting abundantly and living your best life...

You wake up in your dream home perched on your perfect property, invigorated by the ideal balance of work, rest and play you've chosen and created for yourself.

You are now a master manifestor!

Life, reimagined.

Do you want to materialise your passions and manifest your goals, dreams and higher purpose?

Are you ready to start living your best life?

If so, I'm here to guide you to the most profound manifestations you'll ever materialise. How? 


It's alchemy!

When we work together, magical things are destined to happen...

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Let's create magic!

The Life You Want, The Destiny You Need.

what is life crafting?


Do you truly understand the laws of abundance and attraction, the rules of fate or the real cost of 'free' will? If so, you're probably living the life you want, in harmony with the destiny you need; all the while utilising your positive and negative flow for continual growth and reward...


If you're not quite there yet, this program is for you!

Life crafting is more than just the law of attraction or a simple mantric manifesting ritual... it's the study and application of the alchemy of life; the art of taking life into your hands and fashioning experiences which best serve you, your dharma and your long-term growth. 

Few people realise that manifesting  our 'desires' comes at a cost. Life Crafting concentrates on manifesting needs which serve the greatest spiritual good, leaving the playground of Life open to limitless possibilities of manifest expression. 


Successful life crafting is the conscious materialisation of all areas of life - inward and outward - including work, business, money, health, relationships, travel, creative pursuits, consciousness and spirituality.


Simply put, life crafting is intentional mastery of the art of living in balance, fulfilment, freedom and joy!


what's it about?


Life Crafting is practical and mystical training and coaching program for anyone wanting to create new realities, for those who want to push the 'magic' envelope and learn how to work in partnership with Life - confident and free of fear of the unknown. 


This unique course will teach you how to use energy wisely, align your goals with purpose, navigate obstacles by turning negative flow into positive flow and catalyse necessary outcomes to become the conscious creator of your own reality.

This program is deeply esoteric and will open your eyes to life as a direct

expression of your mastered and unmastered aspects. I work with a select group of men and women who resonate with my message and who are committed to working with harmlessness and integrity.


If you're tired of manifesting techniques that don't work, join me to understand how "Life gives you what you need, not what you want" and begin making what you need, what you love!

“The bad new is you're falling through the air , nothing to hang onto, no parachute. The good news is, there's no ground.”  -  Chogyam Trungpa


How will it help you?

Most people dream of manifesting change in their lives, but many don't know how. Life Crafting will teach you how to navigate the karmic traps set for your ego, and to uncover the hidden cost of 'free' will to ensure you design and live your life in the most authentic, unencumbered way. 


Life crafting is the process of aligning aspirations with your causal blueprint

to manifest a life that complements your destiny. Life crafting, or conscious co-creation,

enables you to partner with life in a dynamic experience, to be in harmony with the process unfolding around you - for you - and to be deeply and meaningfully fulfilled.

Through this magical program you will work with little known principles to manifest your needs in order to serve your greatest spiritual good, leaving the playground of Life open to limitless possibilities of manifest expression. 


In your own personalised program, you'll be guided towards identifying and materialising experiences that are most important for your growth, your path and purpose. Successful Life Crafting involves conscious materialisation in all areas of life, including work, business, money, relationships, health, travel, creative pursuits, consciousness and spirituality. 


With this program you receive 10% off all other sessions and programs, additional bonuses up to $1400 and a complimentary 3 way session with a member of my mastery coaching team (valued at $500) to assist you with additional expertise for obtaining real results.



"Rebecca is truly one of the best spiritual visionaries you will find. Since connecting with her I've been guided and inspired to craft the life I love living. On 12th January I wrote about my dream life. On 12th July, exactly 6 months later and 2 years ahead of schedule, I woke up in a multi-million dollar property with the love of my life surrounded by forest, native wildlife and the smell of freshly brewing coffee drifting through the air. It was exactly as I'd written! 


I can personally recommend her Life Crafting program for extraordinary results."  

Sergio - Life Mastery Coach


"Absolutely eye opening regarding human potential and what we, as humans, are capable of. I finally understand we are one and we all communicate telepathically.

My message is getting clearer and clearer, and I'm finally finding the courage to step into my dream of conscious capitalism."


 Seshan - PT & Coach

What will you gain?

  • A clear vision of who you are, what you want, and more importantly - what you need

  • The ability to uncover and convert unconscious conflict and resistance to change

  • Safe practises for trouble-free manifesting and avoiding harmful delusions

  • A reliable measure of cause and effect as a gauge for action and timing

  • A willing acceptance that life is happening by design, not by accident

As you develop confidence and skill, miraculous changes begin to show:

  • A growing sense of self respect, faith and optimal orientation

  • A profound trust in your choices and in the dynamic process you evoke

  • A sense of control, and excitement about crafting new dimensions of reality

  • Inspired flow, connection to your inner guidance and intrinsic/extrinsic harmony

  • The experience of both positive and negative flow as meaningful and advantageous

  • Materialisations reflective of your refined values, goals, expectations and aspirations

Are you ready to live your life on purpose?

Who is Life Crafting for?

  • Spiritual seekers and