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future now program

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Life Work

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Imagine you realised you had one shot at this life...and with it, the chance to pull together all the threads of who you are and weave them into something truly magnificent...

Are you ready to make an impact

the world has never seen?

Be different the difference.

Do you have a mission or a message for the world that you need to bring to fruition?

Are you ready to work differently and adapt to humanity's changing needs?

If so, I'm here to guide you to towards getting the right message to the masses. How?


It's alchemy!

When we work together, magical things are destined to happen...

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Let's create magic

Be Different The Difference.

what is future now?

Are you an aspiring changemaker, coach or an entrepreneur? If so, you probably have a vision and are already on a mission to help someone, somewhere, somehow. Perhaps you're established in your field and want next-level growth and far-reaching impact. Or maybe you're still in the early stages of developing ideas around what you're drawn to do, what you'd love to change, or the difference you want to make in the world. 

No matter where you are on your journey, take a moment to contemplate the following questions: how wisely are you investing your non-refundable time, energy and attention to further your vision? How seriously are you thinking about your impact and/or the legacy that will ultimately outlive you? And lastly, how skilfully are you making use of your tapped and untapped gifts and abilities to reward yourself and humanity?

The truth is, you have one shot at this life; and if you're ready to transform existing into living, Future Now is the program that puts an end to unrealised potential and 'someday' dreaming and an immediate start to living life on purpose


what's it about?


The Future Now program is about getting your message to the right people in the right manner, making your mark, and bringing your unique service to the world in a profitable, meaningful and impactful way. No matter what your passion, field of interest or present or future expertise, Future Now will help you to clarify your ideas, refine your process, navigate your obstacles and pull it all together to transform your dream into an actualised reality!


I work with a small number of men and women only who resonate with my message and feel committed to making the difference and being the difference.  When you undertake your own personalised course, you'll be guided towards not only fully connecting with what you're here to do and why - but also: how to get it done. Together we will identify, unlock and refine your unique purpose - what it is you truly want to, need to, and can do with your passion, skills and expertise - and get you living a life you love via the Mission You Were Made For.

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitations; your consciousness expands in every direction; and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”  -  Patañjali Siddha 250 BCE


How will it help you?

Most people have a dream, but many don't know where to start in order to materialise it. Future Now changes that. Not only will you gain a clear vision of the who, what and why of your mission; you will be fully supported with the how. My mission is to make your mission a reality! 


For starters, Future Now is not just about refining your concepts and ideas into a clearer vision with actionable potential. As part of this transformation program, strategic planning sessions will also include guidance on branding, marketing, content and copywriting, along with steps for packaging, presenting and promoting your vision. If you already have that covered, the focus will be on changing with the times, making your message even more relevant and refining your methods to adapt and keep your livelihood lively.


Also included in this program is a complimentary session with a member of my branding team (valued at $250) to assist you in brainstorming ideas around media, photography, website design and marketing your vision in ways that will maximise your impact. If you need more support, discounted rates will be available for any additional resources and services to help you off the ground!


Come with a dream and leave with a purpose. Don't have a vision? Let's create it! Work with me and see why Future Now is the focus you've been missing...

 "Rebecca helped me find my heart, my voice, and the inspiration to package my unique skills into a business which allows me to travel and work from anywhere in the world. 


I've loved helping Rebecca brand her business, produce her media and take care of the nitty gritty so she can focus on doing what she does best."  

Jess - owner Graphique

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"Through Rebecca's endless support and guidance, I have discovered the freedom and confidence to live the life of my dreams. I now offer programs around the world, and spend my days doing what I love as a healer, meditator and transformational teacher."

Andre The Art of Touch

What will you gain?

  • A crystal clear vision of what you're here to offer the world, and why

  • Skills to keep your unwavering focus fuelled with passion and certainty

  • Full support and encouragement to refine, package and present your craft

  • Techniques for reprioritising your time and energy to get your plan into action

  • The ability to profit from your vision, skill or expertise in new, unimaginable ways


As you develop clarity and refine your mission, signs of acceleration start to show:

  • Obstacles arise and pass more quickly and are easily transmuted

  • Working to a time target efficiently orders cognitive and intuitive power

  • A sense of 'present' purpose emerges within a larger dynamic life purpose

  • Confidence replaces procrastination. unconscious conflict and painful resistance 

  • Real inner guidance prompts, signs and synchronicities flow into conscious awareness

  • Readiness to birth your offering catalyses external interest, receptivity and opportunity

Are you ready to be your 'next big thing' 
and make 2020 and beyond your future - now?

Who is Future Now for?

  • Thought Leaders

  • Coaches & Consultants

  • Truth Seekers & Visionaries

  • Changemakers & Entrepreneurs

What's included?

Future Now is a complete transformational program spaced over 12 months. Programs can be also tailored to a basic 3 month introductory program or and intermediate 6 month program. The overall program is a synthesis of highly personalised coaching and practical and spiritual training. As a VIP client you will have full-time access to me throughout your process. This program includes:

  • A personal online workbook

  • 2 x monthly online coaching / training sessions (1.5 - 2 hours each)

  • 2 x monthly check-in calls (30 mins each)

  • Unlimited text/email contact for advice, guidance, feedback and support

  • Material and homework to support your process as needed

  • 1 x complimentary 3 way session with a member of my branding team (valued at $500) to assist you with additional tools for project-realisation

  • 10% discount on branding, marketing and production services if needed

  • 1 x complimentary 1.5hr Gift Card session every 3 months valued at $1400 (for missed sessions, extra support or future check ups) valid for 6 months. (2 per 6 month program valued at $700 and 1 per 3 month program  valued at $350)

  • 10% VIP discount on workshops, retreats, sessions, packages, programs and courses for the duration of your selected program

  • Free exposure across my relevant media

What's your investment?

A full and dedicated commitment to yourself, your personalised coaching and training sessions, all exercises and homework is expected for maximum benefit.


Fee structure

12 months      $19,990*     


6 months        $12,990    $ 9,990 


3 months        $ 6,990    $ 4,990


Monthly         $ 2,490   

* A 3 month deposit of $4,998 plus a 52 week pay plan of $288.50 p/w is also available for this 12 month program


12 month pay plan deposit  $ 4,998


12 month pay plan (weekly) $  288.50 

Future Now is a long term investment in yourself and will provide you with unparalleled opportunity. Spaces are extremely limited (by invitation and acceptance only) due to the time and commitment needed from me to catalyse and nurture individual growth. Please decide if you are up for the challenge before applying!


"The truth is, you've got one shot at this life. In the end it all comes down to 3 things:

how you lived, who you loved, and what was your legacy." 

What sets this program apart?


The world needs what you are!


The Future Now program is more than just coaching - it's practical and mystical training at the highest level; and a unique opportunity to bring your vision to clarity, to fruition and the world...but what exactly is the mission you were made for


Combining both mystical and practical tools, Future Now looks deeply to your unique causal blueprint to reveal the combined growth necessary for both material and spiritual fulfilment;

bringing profound insight, meaning and significance to your life's work and a real process for living life on purpose.


The difference here is pursuits aligned with your blueprint will manifest as rewards you seek, facilitate growth for yourself and others, and exchange effort for abundance, authenticity and the inner freedom you deserve. Future Now will show you how to channel your future self into your present work and provide the vehicle for becoming a soul centred healer, leader or changemaker.


If you feel the urge to pursue a creative passion, build an empire, start or revive a business or establish a philanthropic humanitarian project, this is the program for you!


 " Rebecca I honour who you are. We are partners in bringing forth the new earth. Thank you for the amazing love you bring to the planet."



Why work with me?

With an abundance of transformational teachers and coaches to trust your change with, why choose me?

Firstly, I'm a psychospiritual coach, which gives you access to my 30 years of research, study and practice in metaphysical science, psychology and mainstream and complimentary health to help you transform both spiritually and psychologically. If you've ever experienced a crisis of meaning, you'll know it's necessary to transcend the illusion of ephemera without spiritually bypassing your deep psychological wounds. Only this combination brings true freedom and progress.


Secondly, my goal as a coach isn't just to help you progress along your path, it's to teach you to transmute suffering into transcendent awareness. Sounds complicated? It is, and that's why not all coaching is created equal. Tens of thousands of hours (and dollars) spent honing my craft to work

with people at every level of experience gives you the benefit of expertise and my full dedication to your personal goals, growth and transformation.​

Thirdly, where most coaches focus on goals, values and cognitive reconditioning, my programs work beyond the superficial to the intuitive, causal, karmic and transcendent. That means our work together becomes an alchemical process (think of turning lead into gold) which catalyses true transformation for integrated and lasting change.


So why choose me? Because when we work together you'll go beyond the ordinary, into the extraordinary and become the alchemist of your own life. From there, ALL is possible...

bio coming soon



Who should apply?

Future Now is for anyone who wants to package their skills, ideas and vision into a tangible service or product and make their dream a reality they can live from. I take only a handful of people into my transformation programs due to the time, dedication and commitment required to catalyse and nurture your growth, and only work with those aligned with my message and those I believe I can truly assist.


What happens after I apply?

You will be contacted to arrange a 30 minute consultation to discuss your need and expectations and determine whether this program is for you. If a different program is more suitable, this will be discussed.

How is the 12 month program structured?

The 12 month program​ consists of 2 x monthly online sessions (1.5 - 2 hours each) for a total of 24 sessions. An extra 4 complimentary sessions are provided (one per quarter) for more intensive support or missed sessions. Unlimited email contact is available for questions, feedback and support. 2 x 30 minute phone calls are scheduled monthly on the alternate weeks (24 in total). Any work materials will be supplied as needed, and a 10% discount on any other session, program or course applies for the duration of the purchased program. 


How is the 6 month program structured?

The 6 month program​ consists of 2 x monthly online sessions (1.5 - 2 hours each) for a total of 12 sessions. An extra 2 complimentary sessions are provided (one per quarter) for more intensive support or missed sessions. Unlimited email contact is available for questions, feedback and support. 2 x 30 minute phone calls are scheduled monthly on the alternate weeks (12 in total). Any work materials will be supplied as needed, and a 10% discount on any other session, program or course applies for the duration of the purchased program. 

How is the 3 month program structured?

The 3 month program​ consists of 2 x monthly online sessions (1.5 - 2 hours each) for a total of 6 sessions. An extra 4 complimentary sessions are provided (one per quarter) for more intensive support or missed sessions. Unlimited email contact is available for questions, feedback and support. 2 x 30 minute phone calls are scheduled monthly on the alternate weeks (6 in total). Any work materials will be supplied as needed, and a 10% discount on any other session, program or course applies for the duration of the purchased program. 

Can I build on my commitment?

Yes, you can start with 3 months and enrol for a further 3 or 6 months for as long as you choose. Fees are lower the longer your commitment.

How long does it take?

Future Now is a process of developing your vision and mission, and takes you from where you're at, to where you need to go. How long you choose to work with me is entirely up to you; your path is a dynamic process determined by the pace of your own personal effort and progress. A minimum of 3 months commitment is required in order to do yourself justice, but the option for a 6 or 12 month program is available from the outset, or programs can be undertaken consecutively.


When are sessions conducted?

Session are conducted weekdays during business hours (NZDT) and are structured fortnightly. In some cases, arrangements can be made to accomodate special circumstances. Sessions can also be offered weekly or monthly by mutual arrangement.

Can I space my sessions out?

Yes, depending on availability you can opt for weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions to suit your circumstances. The same number of program sessions in the program purchased will apply over the shorter or longer duration. 


What if I can't make my session?

If your circumstances prohibit you from attending your session, please contact us 24 hours prior if possible. For 12 month programs, 4 reschedules are allowed. For 6 month programs, 2 reschedules are allowed, and for 3 month programs 1 reschedule is allowed, otherwise missed sessions will be forfeited. Your complimentary sessions may be used in this case if desired. See T&Cs for more.


Can I pay for the program in instalments?

You can pay weekly in advance (plus deposit) for the 12 month program, or upfront only for shorter programs.

Are discounts available for pensioners/concession card holders?

Yes, a 5% program discount is available on a monthly payment plan for pensioners and concession card holders. Please provide your details in the application form here

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

In the unlikely event you feel dissatisfied with the program, please discuss your concerns. Frustrations can (and will) arise in transformational work. If no solution can agreed upon, a pro rata refund can be given for the amount paid minus one month's fee (or $2,330) for a 3 month program, two month's fee (or $4,330) for a 6 month program, and three month's fee (or $4,998) for a 12 month program.