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Spiritual Guidance

Restore your faith.

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August 2022


Support Packs


heal. connect. recover.

Get support with my psychospiritual crisis packs


Transforming Grief

Are you burdened by grief and despair?

Have you experienced a recent loss? Perhaps an unexpected break up has left you struggling to come to terms with a  reality you didn't choose?


If you're currently in the grips of grief, battling emptiness or feeling at a loss, my Transforming Grief Pack can help.

In 3 extended sessions I address the often painful spiritual reasons for undesired outcomes, and assist you to energetically reframe your experience and work 

through the psychological impact of grief and loss. The goal is to allow the grief process, and with great compassion and care to find the clarity, the freedom and the gift loss leaves behind.

$975/3 x 2hr

or 3 payments of $325

Valid for 6 months

individuals or couples


#healing #recovery #peace


Managing Crisis 

Has life taken a turn for the worse? Are you in the midst of a personal, family or career disaster? Are you lacking the stamina, psychological resources or the confidence to manage?


If you're stuck in a bad situation or suffering the stress of a physical, emotional, mental or financial dilemma, my Managing Crisis Pack can help.

Join me for 3 extended sessions to manage the impact of crisis with new insight, awareness and a strategic plan to move through the current stage skilfully. The goal is a reframing of experience and the insight to take steps to elicit the best possible outcomes.

$975/3 x 2hr

or 3 payments of $325

Valid for 6 months

individuals or couples


#support #strategy #transformation


Relationship Rescue

Is your relationship in crisis? Should you stay or should you go? Is uncertainty, infidelity or boredom sabotaging your experience of a joyful, loving partnership?


If you're stuck in a toxic relationship with a partner (or yourself) and you've lost sight of love, or simply need help making the big decisions together or separately, the Relationship Rescue Pack is for you!

Don't let anger and resentment poison your experience of having the love you deserve...In 3 extended sessions we will identify and help resolve karmic and energetic challenges around intimacy, love, sex and communication so you can get back on track to cultivating the fulfilment you desire!

$975/3 x 2hr

or 3 payments of $325

Valid for 6 months

individuals or couples


#intimacy #sex #communication

"Rebecca not only talked about my past, present and future, she also connected me to family and friends who had passed away, which I hadn't expected. In such a warm and gentle way, the spirit communications that came through Rebecca were very touching and tender, as well as humorous and very positive. The proof of who was communicating to me was absolutely amazing and undeniable." - Marie

Life Guidance

Share your journey.

Next available 

start dates:

August 2022

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soul. path. possibilities.

Stay on track with my discounted guidance packs


3 pack

"Having my own personal guide has

been invaluable and Rebecca has had a tremendous impact in my life.She is completely present and will 

always meet you

at your level." 





Self Discovery

What does life have in store for you? 

What do you have in store for life? How

can your blueprint accurately reveal your innate gifts and challenges and the future potentials that lie ahead?

If you've longed for deeper understanding of  yourself in your search for meaning, 

the Self Discovery Pack is for you!

Join me for 3 sessions as I reveal your unique blueprint and the pre-conditions set at birth for your non-negotiable growth...and be re-inspired as I shed light on your unseen dimensions and unravel the mystery of You...

$690/3 x 1hr

or 3 payments of $230

Valid for 6 months

#soul #karma #destiny


Spiritual Guidance

Are you actively engaged in spiritual practice? Do you work in the spiritual field? Perhaps your spiritual life is an important priority and you'd like feedback and reflections along the way? 

No matter what your spiritual focus, if you're seeking an experienced guide for regular support, assurance or a dose of inspired insight, the Spiritual Guidance Pack is for you! 

This pack offers 6 sessions over 3 - 12 months to keep you connected with your personal spiritual vision in a meaningful, grounded and authentic way.

$1290/6 x 1hr

or 6 payments of $215

Valid for 12 months

#connection #purpose #meaning







Life Guidance

Are you at a new crossroads or about to make life-changing decisions? Has life presented you with obstacles or twists and turns you weren't expecting?

Maybe a tempting new opportunity threatens to disrupt the status quo?

If you're in need of clarity, direction or assurance to catalyse your next steps in life, the Life Guidance Pack is for you!


These 10 lifeline sessions will guide you through life's ups and downs as needed, and help you navigate the unknown and make the right decisions for your 

progress, growth and fulfilment.

$1990/10 x 1hr

or 10 payments of $199

Valid for 12 months

#clarity #guidance #direction

"Rebecca has such a warmth about her and is so caring that you feel really supported throughout your experience. I have since returned for guidance with my future life aspirations/dreams and goals and have recommended her to family and friends who have also been astounded by her psychic abilities." - Fiona


About Rebecca


As a highly regarded spiritual mediator, Rebecca works with unparalleled wisdom, skill and compassion to bring clarity and insight to her clients.


She is trusted as a personal and spiritual advisor by people from all walks of life including public speakers, thought leaders and gurus in the East and West.

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