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Success Coaching


love. work. family.

 Excel with my 5 session success coaching packages

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Life Work 

Are you wondering what defines success? Would you like to change your career or work more consciously and intuitively in your profession or business? Do you aspire for greater fulfilment as you bring your service to the world in a profitable way?

Life Work is a program that explores your unique passions, strengths and untapped potential alongside your dynamic future pathways to catalyse brand new possibilities for meaningful, more fulfilling life work! 


Join me for 5 sessions as we identify your optimal contribution and reward scale, clarify your perfect life work balance and unlock your capacity to rewrite the rules about what makes your career, business or work, work for you. 


If your time and energy is precious and you want to fund your dreams for a better future, this package is for you! 

$1495/5 x 1.5hr

or 5 payments of $299

Valid for 12 months


#career #business #money

Love Ready

Are you in a solo relationship but long to share your life with a partner? Have you been single too long and find yourself wondering why? Are you hopeful for love and prepared to do what it takes to raise your energy and find your person?

Love Ready is a program that helps singles identify barriers to love; clearing old karmic and psychological patterns, 

restoring clarity and belief and bringing new hope and inspiration to succeed in having the love you need and the relationship you deserve.

Join me for 5 sessions to reset your love game, build long term self-love, and harnesses new co-creational energies to shift you from love-less to love ready! 


If you're lonely or disillusioned by dating, struggling with self esteem, or simply need to raise the bar on the calibre of mates you attract, this package is definitely for you!

$1495/5 x 1.5hr

or 5 payments of $299

Valid for 12 months



#singles #dating #relationships

Conscious Parenting 




What defines your role as a parent? Are you effectively nurturing the evolution of the next generation? What is the legacy you are consciously working hard to leave behind?

Conscious Parenting is a program that

offers unparalleled insight into the environmental, psychological and spiritual needs of your current or future children, along with a plan to successfully meet those needs and become a better version of yourself in the process.

Join me for 5 sessions to redefine your role and responsibility as mother, father or caregiver, and find fresh insight and inspiration to guide you through your most important role. 


If you've lost gratitude for parenting, are struggling with challenging family dynamics or simply long to be a more present, effective and conscious role model, this package is for you!

$1495/5 x 1.5hr

or 5 payments of $299

Valid for 12 months


#family #children #legacy
"My message is getting clearer and clearer, and I'm finally finding the courage to step into my dream of conscious capitalism."  Seshan
Wellness Coaching

Transform into light.


 Thrive with my 5 session wellness coaching packages

body. Mind. balance.


Stress Less

Are you looking for better flow in life?

Are you wondering how all the pieces of your puzzle fit together? Would you like to maintain a sense of better balance and alignment in the mandala of your life?


Unmanaged stress consumes precious energy and detracts from attending to your growth in skilful ways. Stress Less helps you see life - and yourself - as a process; and helps you develop a greater capacity for positive and negative flow whilst maintaining a more comfortable internal and external balance.


Join me for 5 sessions as we review your life in all its dimensions and re-establish the values, priorities and self-conditions required to live your life optimally, peacefully and joyfully. 


If you've tipped the scales in favour of worry, pressure or overwork, this package is for you!

$1495/5 x 1.5hr

or 5 payments of $299

Valid for 12 months


#balance #alignment #flow

Being Well


Are you lacking discipline, dedication or motivation for great health? Do you struggle with fundamental self care? Are you currently managing a health challenge which needs redirected energy and attention?


For some people - particularly those struggling with ill health - the basics of physical self-care are difficult to manage and sustain. For everyone, optimal health and wellness is vital to productivity and a sense of balanced being. 


Being Well will improve your ability to heal your body from the ground up using an array of effective techniques and technologies; beginning with your sleep, breath, diet, exercise and sexuality.


Join me for 5 sessions to address your needs and commit to improving your sense of wellbeing. This is a package for everyone!

$1495/5 x 1.5hr

or 5 payments of $299

Valid for 12 months


#health #vitality #longevity
#mental health #mindset #healing

Mind Matters


Have you struggled with trauma, abuse, addiction or depression? Have situations beyond your control left you feeling compromised and less mentally or emotionally healthy than you could be? Are you crippled by anxiety or fear and ready to experience freedom from suffering?


Mind Matters is a program that gets to the root cause of your most debilitating and destructive experiences, and helps transform imprisoning mental-emotional energies so you can regain focus on healing and accomplishing your goals.


Join me for 5 sessions to get new insight and tools for managing - and working with - your mind and emotions in a way that serves you. 


If you're looking for relief from suffering and progress along the road of healing and recovery, this package is for you.

$1495/5 x 1.5hr

or 5 payments of $299

Valid for 12 months



“Bec you are absolutely amazing! Out of all the classes and groups I’ve been involved with, this has definitely been the best so far. Real explanations, real experiences taught with integrity and love. This is the real deal for anyone wanting to get well.” – Jessica

Spiritual Coaching

Know your truth.


peace. wisdom. purpose.

 Grow with my 5 session spiritual coaching packages


Getting Intuitive

How does one cultivate wisdom? What does living and working intuitively really mean? How can your innate nature profoundly benefit you in your life, love, relationships and work? 

Intuition is a language we all use all day, every day. Learning how to become inquisitive, pay attention and generate curiosity are the keys to getting answers; and to interpreting life, its signs, symbols and synchronicities and the behaviours and experiences of others.

Join me for 5 sessions as we delve deeply into the intuitive language of your soul which speaks to aid your growth, impart wisdom and encourage transformation at every level. Together we will unravel the mystery of your subtle experience and connect you to your unique guiding principle which can be accessed any time.


If you want to learn to trust your feelings and impressions to guide your process, or hone your personal or professional intuitive craft, this package is for you!

$1495/5 x 1.5hr

or 5 payments of $299

Valid for 12 months


#soul #wisdom #guidance

Inner Journey



What does spirituality mean to you?

Are you receptive to your own wisdom-consciousness? Are you investing in your spiritual life so it serves you in the best possible way it could?

Inner Journey is a program that helps you become attuned to your spiritual dimensions and encounter a whole new experience of yourself in your every day life. Whether you're newly awakened to your path or you work in the spiritual arena, this program will help you establish reliable, inspirational links for upward seeking and inward finding.

Join me for 5 sessions to shine your light on the vast inner riches and expansive possibilities that await as you experience your own divine nature.


If you suspect you're just existing, this package will remind you how to live your spiritual truth. If you're looking to rediscover your spiritual state of grace, this package is for you...

$1495/5 x 1.5hr

or 5 payments of $299

Valid for 12 months


#meaning #meditation #contemplation

Sacred Relating

Are you in a committed, loving relationship and want to keep it thriving? Perhaps you long for deeper, more sacred sexual or tantric connections? Or maybe you're 'stuck' in a frustrating partnership that needs transforming into something truly rewarding?


Sacred Relating is a program that reveals how relationships - even undesirable ones - serve to perfectly nurture your spiritual growth; and are the ideal proving ground for tests of love, sacrifice, compassion and endurance.

In 5 sessions we delve deeply into intimacy via your relationship to self, others and the world around you for

greater understanding of what Love is, and work towards better cultivating and expressing it in your life for ultimate reward.


If you want to live through Love, are seeking your next level tantric union or simply want more rewarding intimate, family or group connections, this package is for you!

$1495/5 x 1.5hr

or 5 payments of $299

Valid for 12 months


#co-creation #love #sacred sexuality
SC Tesimonials

"Rebecca's ability to see many facets that make up me, in all its complexities was quite amazing, really seeing the depth of my soul - understanding all that I have been working through in my that one session!" - Melissa

About Rebecca


With 30 years experience in Western psychology, Eastern mysticism and mainstream and complimentary health, Rebecca's psychospiritual coaching programs facilitate mental, emotional and spiritual change in all dimensions of life.

Whether it's personal, business or spiritual transformation you need, she will help you with the vision and purpose to create a life of meaning and significance, along with profound and lasting tools for mastery. 

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