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Get support and apply for a Crisis Pack

To ensure we offer you the right pack, please take the time to fill out the following form. Once we have received your application, you will be contacted within 7 days to confirm your place, payment and commencement date and time.

To guarantee priority for your preferred start date, a fully refundable payment or initial pay plan payment must be made at the time of application. If you decide not to proceed, your payment will be returned within 7 days (see T&Cs).

If you would like a 30 minute consultation before making a commitment, please request one below. A link will be sent for booking and purchase, and the $150 fee deducted from the program cost if you decide to proceed.

Thank you! We will respond within 48hrs




All prices are in AUD. GST is included in all purchases. All crisis pack sessions must be prepaid. Packs are valid for 6 months from date of purchase. No exchanges or refunds are permitted. Sessions cannot be cashed out. A 5% student/concession discount may be applicable upon proof of eligibility. Packs purchased on a pay plan are to be paid monthly in advance of sessions. Sessions purchased on a pay plan can only be undertaken monthly (or after payment is received) within a 6 month period. If a due payment is missed, any scheduled sessions will be cancelled and forfeited. If 2 payments are missed, your commitment will be considered null and your package cancelled Packages paid in full can be undertaken weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as agreed within a 6 month period. Sessions are conducted 10am - 4pm NZDT on weekdays only (or otherwise by mutual agreement). All available start dates are published on the site at Other dates may be requested, but there is no guarantee you request can be fulfilled. Other times may be requested (for those outside of Australia or New Zealand for example) but are not guaranteed. Weekend sessions are extremely limited and offered only if and when available. Once your application is received, you will be contacted with a start date and time. Please be patient and allow up to 7 days for a reply from a member of our team. All questions and answers in your application are confidential, but may be viewed by the team member who contacts you. Please request full privacy if you don't want your information reviewed by anyone other than Rebecca. Prepayment prioritises your date request, and is recommended and respected as a sign of your commitment. If you require a 30 minute consult before commencement or payment, please request one in your application. A link will be sent to purchase a 30 minute consult, and the next available date will be offered. If you proceed with your pack, the $150 consultation fee will be deducted from your balance. If you choose not to proceed, the fee will be retained as a normal 30 minute session fee. If you have paid for your pack and choose not to proceed after your consult, a full pack refund will be provided within 7 days. Upon commencement, you may choose to withdraw from your pack within 30 minutes of your first session. In this case, you must state your intention within 30 minutes. Failure to do so will assume your continued commitment. Upon withdrawal, a pro rata refund for monies received (minus $150 for the first 30 minutes) will be provided within 7 days. After 30 minutes, purchased crisis packs are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Failure to attend your scheduled online/in person session forfeits all claim for fulfilment. One session reschedule per 3 session crisis pack (with 24 hours prior notification) is permitted without penalty. Any further reschedules are not permitted as session times are locked in by agreement during your initial session. In the event of technical difficulty during an online session, calls will be re-tried. In the event of continued technical difficulty, a new time will be offered as soon as possible. In the event your session needs to be rescheduled from our end, the next available time will be offered. In the unlikely event your session cannot be fulfilled or conveniently rescheduled, a session refund will be provided. In the unlikely event your entire crisis pack cannot be fulfilled, a pro rata refund will be provided. It is assumed you have read and understood the above terms and conditions. Applying for a crisis pack is regarded as an agreement to these terms.

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