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Spiritual Visionary,

Transformational Teacher,

International Speaker, Coach & Author.

is a spiritual mediator and an expert  in the field of human potential, mental and emotional mastery, 

energetic alchemy and psychic training & development.


Named 'Siddha Arul Thuthar' (the Siddha Divine Messenger) and 'Arul Jothi Amma' (Mother of Divine Light) for her work in the East, Rebecca is a Diviner, universal messenger and a catalyst for cosmic revelation and change. Her studies include philosophy, psychology, meditative practice, the 

after-death experience, superhuman potential and mystical pathways to self realisation. 


She is a mother of four, grandmother of one, and resides in New Zealand with her partner and family who run the Alignment Institute on 10 acres of beautiful grounds at the edge of the Riverhead forest.

Rebecca Denise Prewett




What others say​



"Rebecca was truly amazing.

I have never met anyone like her...


 - Elise

"Rebecca has had a tremendous impact in my life.She is completely present and will always meet you at your level." 

- Kaleb

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